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Creativity Consultant & TV Comedy Writer

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Tim is a multiple award winning television comedy writer, best known for co-creating and co-writing TV comedies such as the BAFTA winning sitcom, PETER KAY’S CAR SHARE, and his new show, MEET THE RICHARDSONS, starring comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont.


But as well as being a successful comedy writer, Tim is a world class innovation expert, and he's worked for some of the world’s most creative organisations, including global ad agencies, innovation consultancies and the BBC. He's helped clients from beer brands to broadcasters, confectioners to condom makers reimagine the future and re-invent their businesses.


From his unique position as both a successful innovation consultant and comedy writer, Tim has drawn together a practical guide to having bigger, better ideas by applying the trade secrets used by top creative professionals, comedians and writers. And for much of the last 2 years, Tim has helped teams keep their collective creativity flowing over Zoom and Teams to keep the bouncing ideas around while we’re dislocated away from the office.


Tim’s talks inspire teams and leaders to think differently, collaborate with more productive energy and create big ideas that actually happen.


Over the last ten years Tim has built a reputation as an engaging, entertaining speaker who knows how to keep an audience laughing while sharing instantly usable creative tools.

To book Tim Reid please contact Bob Strange - The Closer at The Closer Speakers' Consultancy Ltd.

Motivational/Inspirational Speakers - Creativity and Innovation Speakers, Creative Thinking Speakers

C - £2.5k to £5k

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