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Steve Ashton has spent over 30 years helping people to increase their skill in communication as well as being an experienced Performer.  He brings these worlds together with his practical first hand business experience to transform individuals and teams ability to interact more effectively with the world

  • Communications

  • Executive Presence

  • Storytelling

He has a rare mixture of skills and experience in business through being a sales leader and Director,  a performer with thousands of hours of live TV, Radio, Stand up and theatre and as a facilitator and consultant

He writes and performs comedy on a number of podcasts and has his own comedy sketch video podcast.

He was Sales and Marketing Director of a company that he helped grow from £7m turnover to £68m turnover within just 3 years.

He has worked all over the world. training and coaching people to show that the human being is as valuable as the human doing.

Steve works with individuals and teams to increase their confidence, authenticity and their ability to engage, inspire and create trust.

As a seasoned performer, Steve makes his presentations interactive, fun and full of actionable tips and hints.


Gravitas, charisma, the X factor, call it what you will but some people stand out


Are you born with it?


Steve suggests not!


Of course there are some people who seem to have presence naturally but Steve guarantees that they have learned this, perhaps not consciously but through observing, modelling behaviour or perhaps divine intervention.


The same can be said for 'shyness' or 'low confidence', that too is learned behaviour, there aren't many shy babies!


Most training videos and business books talk about having a 'power stance', using positive language and dressing nice.  Good grief! There is far far more to having presence that simply 'fake it til you make it'.


Being comfortable with discomfort, setting an emotional agenda, thinking and responding in the moment, being present, communicating with true authenticity and emotion, telling personal stories, being on the front foot with questions, breathing, leaning into your natural style


In short - being as we are with friends and family in a more high risk or pressured situation.


In this entertaining, interactive and highly informative presentation, Steve will dispel many of the myths associated with confidence and having presence.


Steve will give you many actionable tips and a ton of advice about how you can instantly increase your presence.


Whether you post on social media, call friends and family or interact with other human beings, (and in some cases - pets!) you are telling stories all the time


'What he did on his holidays' was always the first thing Steve's classmates and he had to talk about at school when the summer break was done.  Steve would arrive at the imposing iron school gates, a school year older and hopefully wiser, resplendent with a new bag, pencil case and shoes (which would be be scuffed and dirty within 3 hours)


Being a good storyteller will help you engage, inspire and create trust - if done well


If you have read any books or watched a video about storytelling , and Steve has watched all of them, you will have heard about the heroes journey - cool! That's a good start but it's what everyone else is doing (especially our friends in sales)


Why are stories important?

What is the emotional, biological and neurological effect of stories?

How do you craft a story?

How do you deliver a story?

How do you intro and outro a story?

When should you use a story?


In a highly entertaining and interactive 45 minute presentation Steve will answer all of those questions and more


Steve will leave you with a books worth of tips, hints and an experience of crafting and delivering your own story

Motivational and Keynote Speakers, communications speaker

C - £2.5k to £5k

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