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Sophie Bennett is a best-selling author who has researched motivations and what drives people for the last 20 years and in that time has written several books.


Bennett's most recent book seeks to explore the five motivational triggers. The 'five flames of motivation' are already being taught at Cranfield University as part of the leadership program. The book draws on the findings from interviews with over 35 world class performers from business to arts.  

Bennett has a background within the technology sector which spans over 10 years. She first founded, built and sold a telecoms company before she became a professional writer for IT companies which saw her manage multi million dollar proposals. The highlight of her technology career saw her lead a global content team at Dell. Bennett also has a keen interest in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Bennett has regularly featured on the Thomson Reuters Global Markets Forum, Psychologies Magazine, Gulf News, BBC Radio and Metro. Her book, Money Bondage- Discover the Power of Mind Over Money, was a No.1 best selling book on Amazon for several months. Humanification, a book that Bennett structured, contributed and edited, was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018. 

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Unlock the Mystery of Motivation

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Connecting with what really drives you is the secret of high performance. But here’s the challenge - high performers don’t all look, think and act the same! Recognising the 5 different motivation types helps you to unlock personal peak performance and gives you the superpower of being able to inspire others. 5 Flames participants interact with an online quiz to discover their own Flame Profile™ and so they can apply insights immediately to build a success mindset and skillset. Delivered virtually, The 5 Flames online session is lively and inspiring suitable for teams and audiences from 6 to 600 people.


Whether you are organising a conference, planning a motivational talk or a masterclass to bring your team together - I guarantee each session will result in people thinking differently, gaining new perspectives and building essential leadership skills.


Sophie has designed hundreds of hours of virtual events and is ready to fire up your team and meet your goals for 2022/23


The 5 Flames are a unique discovery distilled from 20 years of motivation & neuroscience research by Sophie Bennett, peak performance expert and champion equestrian athlete - book your session today


C - £2.5k to £5k

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