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“Scott was absolutely magnificent. Our team loved his keynote and were left looking for more. The presentation was perfectly tailored for our needs, empathetic to our team profile and beautifully crafted”

Michael J Watson (Vice President and MD, Valspar)

“A great professional speaker entertains. A superlative professional speaker makes you want to change behaviours. Scott is a brilliant storyteller, but so are many. But how many coaches or speakers could make you want to change the way you think? Pure gold dust - and infinitely versatile thanks to a stunning back catalogue of top notch business and academic experience.”

Simon Scott-Kemball (Business & Social Communications Manager, EUROCONTROL)

“I saw Scott speak at the CIPD ACE conferences in Manchester. His style of presentation (both verbal and visual) was captivating, funny, and highly memorable. He is frank and has a knack for addressing things that many others may skirt around in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. Quite possibly the best talk of the event.”

Alice Rowan (HR Lead)

“We asked Scott to speak at our conference. He was easy to work with and curious about our objectives before the event. At the event he provided a mix of challenging ideas and practical tips supported by beautifully crafted visuals all delivered in a highly engaging and humorous speaking style. Our team is still buzzing. Scott is a terrific speaker - highly recommend.”

Alisanne Ennis (Accenture Delivery Lead - Programme Director, GSK)


“We asked Scott to put together a piece for our national business conference. The focus was on personal empowerment and team responsibility ... Scott was absolutely magnificent. Our team loved his presentation and were left looking for more even after almost two hours. The presentation was perfectly tailored for our needs, empathetic to our team profile and beautifully crafted. Bravo Scott .” 

Michael Watson (Vice President and MD, Valspar)


“Scott brings a huge amount of creativity and passion to his speaking and executive events. He provides deep expert insight into future literacy, employee engagement and communication. He is not afraid to challenge his senior clients to achieve superior results.”

Ursula Morgenstern (CEO, Atos)


Scott McArthur Portrait 2_edited_edited.png

Passionate about “Future Literacy”

At the core of Scott’s speaking and executive events is his knowledge gleaned from working in over 200 organisations across the world delivering transformation and change programmes for multiple sectors.  However, his makers mark on the conference stage are his stories which go much deeper than business into the human condition.  He is a published scientist (degenerative disease) poet (narrative) HR specialist (performance and technology) and writer (music, prose and business) and has won awards for consulting, training, speaking and for his contribution to Scottish music.  One of his websites has been identified as being of cultural importance in his hometown of Glasgow (Scotland) and his co-authored book on Glasgow’s music scene has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

When speaking Scott is able to mould a convincing narrative from these disciplines to inspire the conference audience and to provide them with unique tools and techniques that they can take back into their lives and workplaces and make a real difference to their lives.

Scott’s keynotes are particularly concerned with “Future Literacy” and specifically focus on the future of work and our relationship with disruptive technologies such as Biotechnology, AI and Nanotechnology. His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced based and delivered with a hint of Billy Connolly like humour his talks are never forgotten.

"The future is a foreign country, and we are all in danger of becoming refugees."


NEW TALKS (stealing ideas from the future):

“Your relationship with the future”Future literacy, anticipatory leadership and pre-experience of the future.


"UnrealHR" (The Next Generation of Enterprise) the potential impact of the gaming industry and the metaverse on organisations.


"When the machine stops" – How the NEXT framework can set you and your organisation up for hybrid success.

"The rise of the corporate apothecary" – how drugs may help us focus and perform at work in the next ten years.

"The future of work – technologies that no one is talking about" – a trinity of technologies that are about to make an impact on your business

"Natural stupidity and artificial intelligence" - AI as an impending disaster or a route to human happiness

ESTABLISHED TALKS (the edge of next):

"Leading from the inside out" - self-awareness as the differentiator hiding in plain sight

"Why facts don't change people" - the science and art of influencing change

"Are you paying attention" - new leadership, emerging markets and dealing with disruption

"Managing yourself and others" - the role of relationships and vulnerability in business strategy

"Storytelling for Success" – how storytelling can give you and your business an edge.

INSPIRATIONAL TALKS/STORIES (hero’s for your journey):

"Joseph Knight, grime, glory and the Scottish enlightenment" – a story about post-Jacobean slavery, friendship and grace under pressure;

"Jacques Monod, how a friendship between art and science changed the course of history" – how a biologist led the French resistance in WW2

"James Clerk Maxwell - Scotland’s Einstein" - the story of the forgotten hero of science

b - £5k to £10k

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