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Serial entrepreneur & network builder helping you
and your organisation to expand globally, be at the forefront of innovation and have the courage to do so.

Russell is a highly-experienced speaker having delivered talks both virtually and in person at conferences from Los Angeles to AbuDhabi. Renowned for his ability to emotionally connect through storytelling, Russell captivates and engages the audience, taking them through his journey and meeting people on theirs.

He has spoken and written extensively on diaspora, networking and leadership and brings a depth of knowledge on topics such as:

  • The strategy of building a global ambassador network for your brand and the positive impact for your business

  • Identifying your needs as an entrepreneur & how to unlock those opportunities through networking

  • Innovation in the tech sector & the key to accelerating innovation in your organisation 

  • The audience will leave feeling empowered with solutions that they can apply to their challenges and key insights on how to take their businesses forward.

Russell Dalgleish has a thriving career as not only a serial entrepreneur but an investor, strategist, director and member of the Advisory Board at the Scottish Government’s CivTech® Programme and to the Board of Trade. Through his extensive experience in diaspora engagement, Russell has come to believe that networking is the key to building a strong organisation and career.


He is the founding Managing Partner of the advisory group Exolta Capital Partners and co-founder of the Scottish Business Network (SBN) which is the largest community of Scottish business and community leaders around the world. In his earlier career Russell held board leadership positions with International companies achieving turnover in excess of £200m. Today Russell sits on the boards of ten companies and organisations including theInstitute of Directors Scotland, Mr Finch Limited and Remarkable.


As an interactive keynote speaker and executive coach, Russell brings the experience of overcoming adversities to build a range of successful companies, offers a unique and challenging insight into the world of the private investor and highlights opportunities available to entrepreneurs today for those who are brave enough to reach out. 


“Russell empowered an audience of 100 people during his talkat British Polish Business Lunch at London (April 22). He provided practical insights on how diasporas can better work together to impact business growth. The feedback received from the audience: inspirational, fascinating panel of speakers and a lively debate. 5 out of 5 stars.”

- Bart Kowalczyk, Founder & Director of Polish Business Link.


Keynote and Motivational Speakers

C - £2.5k to £5k

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