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Keynote speaker - Moderator - Speaker Trainer

“I don’t just want my audiences to understand my message; I want them to

feel it too,” says Pellegrino.


What all of Pellegrino´s talks have in common is the human aspect.

Pellegrino’s talks can be delivered in both Norwegian and English.

For over 30 years, Pellegrino Riccardi has excited and delighted audiences all over the world with a style of public speaking that brings together the ability to present complex ideas in a simple and accessible way, which is then wrapped up in a seamless fusion of masterful storytelling and observational humour.

Pellegrino’s talks appeal on both an intellectual and emotional level, tapping into the hearts and minds of his audiences and taking them on a visceral and emotional journey.



“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” … it’s a cliché, but it’s one that we constantly keep coming back to … because it is so true!

What is culture and what are the three key questions your employees need to be able to answer “YES!” to in order to build and maintain their company culture?

How do you turn fancy words and slogans into behaviours and values that actually mean something to both your employees and to your customers?


Diversity pays. Science and research tell us so. But only if you work on it. It will not happen by itself.

Colleagues from different countries, colleagues from different walks of life, with different personal life stories … how do you capture and harvest the often-untapped potential energy and value that is out there in your organisation?


How does today’s fast-moving, ever-changing and continuously disrupted workplace affect people’s minds (and hearts) and their ability to perform to their best ability?

What concrete measures can you take to best deal with the challenges of today’s ever-changing work environment?

What can you as an individual do to contribute to a better and more productive workplace?


Cultivating relationships in a virtual world of change


Thank goodness for Zoom! And technology! Imagine just how more difficult the corona pandemic would have been without technology. Our digital world has allowed us to work from home, shop from home, and keep in touch with our family, friends, colleagues and customers online.


Indeed, in many businesses and professions, the bottom line has actually improved, but at what cost to us as people, to our state of mind? And what does this mean for the sense of unity and cohesion in an organisation? What does this do to the culture of an organisation?

b - £5k to £10k

Motivational/Inspirational Speakers - Hosts and Presenters

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