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Hacker, CISO, Founder & CEO, Multiple Award-Winner
and Top-50 Women in Tech. Building leadership, innovation, security and talent for businesses and society to do things today they weren’t able to do yesterday.

Monica Verma (aka Monica Talks Cyber) is a committed, empathetic and passionate technology and security leader, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and an engaging keynote speaker with 15+ years of industry experience in the tech and cybersecurity industry. She is a renowned keynote speaker and a storyteller, as well as is a board certified Qualified Technology Expert (QTE), board member of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Norway, and a multiple award winner: 2019 Best Security Advisor, 2022 Top 50 Women in Tech. 








Monica Verma is considered a leading spokesperson for cybersecurity, digitalization, cloud computing, leadership and innovation, bridging the security and the talent gap, and helping stakeholders apply information security to support their business and societal goals. Through her various leadership and advisory roles, clear and simple communication, as well as close collaboration with executives and top management, she has led many security and digital transformation projects for global businesses. Throughout her career she has been building security and talent for businesses and society, "to drive innovation and enable them to do things today they weren’t able to do yesterday". She has a global background and worked in multiple countries with international organizations throughout her career, engaging and speaking with her audience all over the world.

In addition to her CISO role, due to her strong passion for the industry, the people and the businesses, she founded and is the CEO of Cyber Foyer and MonicaTalksCyber. Monica has been providing valuable and practical information to her audience and the community worldwide, to help build and bridge the security and the talent gap, demystifying security myths, and doing that through her real-world experiences and stories in an easily digestible and emotionally engaging format without jargons.

She has built a huge cyber following and community from 500 to 15000 within just 1.5 years, and growing. Monica Talks Cyber (her podcast show) has now already been downloaded more than 6000 times only after 2 seasons. She spreads awareness, information and real practical tips on security, privacy, leadership, career hacks and risk management through various platforms.

Why engage Monica as a speaker?

Monica is a storyteller and knows how to articulate the message in a clear and engaging manner, tailored to the audience. She has given keynotes for general public, leaders, executives as well as top management.

Through her art of storytelling, Monica grabs and keeps the attention of her audience throughout her talk. Due to her versatile communication and speaking skills, she is adept at sharing learnings through engagement. Her keynotes are based on real-world experiences and include simple but effective real-world stories, key steps and takeaways for the audience that can be used in their day-to-day life.

 “I met Monica at the Nordic IT Security conference in Stockholm. Her talk was so well received she was asked to do it twice! The subject was adaptive security. She is very passionate has a great speaking style and her content is well thought out and unique. After the conference we debated the merits of adaptive security and how the model can be utilized in several areas. I look forward to working with her more in the future." Timothy Brown (CISO, SolarWinds):

Jeremiah Grossman (CEO, BitDiscovery)“I've been in InfoSec for well over 20 years, and had the opportunity to meet and work with thousands of highly skilled people in the industry. Monica is unique amongst them all. She's experienced, thoughtful, articulate and more importantly -- Monica is genuinely passionate InfoSec. For her, InfoSec is not just a career choice, but a personal calling. Her enthusiasm comes through in absolutely everything she does from her day-to-day work, her writing, and public appearances. She's always eager to help when asked and incredibly determined to make a real difference. And when she has new ideas to share, I listen." Jeremiah Grossman (CEO, BitDiscovery)


Dive into The Seismic Shift in Cybersecurity

From ransomware to cyber warfare, from Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence (AI), from driverless to autonomous, we are seeing a seismic shift in the digital and the threat landscape, cyber attacks and the overall risks. In this keynote, Monica shares a story of a 200 year old cyber attack and learnings from it. From the keynote, you'll take away learnings on following: 
What are the top cyber trends and existential threats & risks to your business? 
What is your true risk exposure and how to build a sustainable defense for that next cyberattack lurking around the corner? 
How to better posture your organization in the age of convergence, uncertainty and staggering opportunities?


Hacking Your Career: From Hacker To CISO

Cybersecurity has evolved from networks and servers, to include more than 30 sub-domains today, including the ever-increasing human factor and inter-personnel skills to it. No two journeys through cybersecurity are identical. It’s this diversity in the field today that’s both challenging but also highly rewarding. In this talk Monica shares: 
Her incredible and fascinating journey from hacker to CISO, working with leaders and top management all across the world
Her biggest learnings that can help you build effective cybersecurity and an organization to truly support it
The key skills and principals that are needed to be a leader in this industry and build an effective security strategy  

Surviving the Evolution of Cybercrime

Like all crime throughout humanity, cybercrime is evolving. And like everything that’s technology fueled, cybercrime is evolving rapidly. As the analogy goes, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.” In this keynote, Monica Verma talks about: 
The story of the evolution of cybercrime over the last 200 years, especially in the last decades
Where cybercrime is heading, especially as it relates to a pandemic and kinetic wars
How can you as a business survive but also thrive through evolution of cybersecurity?


Manage Risks Fast, Fail Faster and Adapt Fastest

As the pandemic unfolded in 2020, the society, particularly the critical sectors, saw a massive rise in cyberattacks. The nature of cyberattacks on finance, healthcare and other critical sectors varied greatly as the cyber risks and the overall risk profile evolved drastically. In this talk, Monica Verma, shares her experiences and learnings, as well as addresses the following aspects of cybersecurity along with examples, practical approach and adoption, applicable to different industries:

How did the pandemic affect the critical sectors and what was the true (real) impact of the pandemic? 
How to manage both information and risks effectively within your industry, despite uncertainties? 
What are key cybersecurity learnings from the pandemic, the cybersecurity lifecycle model and practical adoption?


Is The Cyber Talent Gap Real? 

Do we really have a talent shortage within cybersecurity? Here’s a popular complaint I hear very often in our industry: We do not have enough talent. 

At the same time, we have these extremely unrealistic list of skill sets that we are asking for various roles, especially the entry level ones. 
We have contributed to this so called talent shortage. It's only fair that we a part of the solution. But how do we do that in practical ways that can contribute to a positive ROI? 
In this talk, Monica shares:
The reality of the cyber talent shortage problem
Biggest myths in cybersecurity especially when it comes to people-aspect of security
Key practical but simple steps every organization can take to help reduce the talent gap and build an empire


Futurist Speakers, Creativity and Innovation Speakers, Leadership Speakers, Motivational and Keynote Speakers

b - £5k to £10k

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