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Speaker, author, consultant and advisor on
digital innovation, lean startups, design
thinking and the future of travel and tourism

Having spent the last 20 years taking up entrepreneurship challenges in China, Europe and the Middle East, Marc is well placed to offer actionable advice and co-strategise on innovation and digital transformation projects.

As a speaker Marc's focus is on demystifying technology and innovation, entrepreneurship challenges and solutions, the future of travel and design thinking.

Since 2009 Marc has been invited to speak and advise on technology, innovation, and travel at events, academies and organisations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and South America for brands like:

• The Dorchester Collection
• Amadeus
• Bombardier
• Adobe
• Visit Flanders
• Barcelona Tourism Authority
• Shanghai Innovation Summit
• Eventex
• Jacobs Media Group
• SP Jain School of Global Management
• Spanish Tourism Bureau
• Boardroom Magazine

Marc has delivered keynotes on four continents for both small and large events, as well as a growing number of virtual talks. Choose from existing keynotes like ‘The Art of a Thousand Mistakes’ and ‘Something out of Nothing’ or book a custom keynote tailored to your audience.

The Art of a Thousand Mistakes

This high-energy keynote encourages audiences to absorb and implement an iterative process to break through barriers and deliver profound change to their organizations and within their lives. From the design and creation of the iPhone to the creation of all life on earth, we investigate and admire the raw power of an iterative approach to the design and development of products and services.

Something out of Nothing

This keynote dissects the lean approach to innovation and value creation; what methodologies can we apply to create new products and services quickly and without major investment. We investigate compelling case studies and look at both the past and future of lean innovation so that we may arrive at practical solutions for the present.

Futurist Speakers, Creativity and Innovation Speakers, Motivational and Keynote Speakers

Design Thinking
Digital Innovation
Industry 4.0
Future of Travel 
Digital Communities
Augmented Reality

A - £10k to £25k

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