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Catastrophe Survivor; Corporate Catalyst; Resilience

Master, Helping teams overcome adversity and

challenges to deliver optimal output.

As a speaker and author Jillian delivers her messages of overcoming adversity and challenges so that others can face their own future with the confidence to contribute with maximum impact. Her speeches are gripping and inspiring, but the results are profound and long-lasting.


Jillian offers speaking, training and coaching using her own insights and experience. She seamlessly adapts her approach for the audience ranging from young minds at The university of Cambridge to front line staff at MacDonalds, middle office teams at Bank of England, sales teams at Novo Nordisk and leadership teams at PriceWatershouseCoopers , Middle East.


Jillian Haslam is unique - she has looked death in the eye and lived to tell the tale. At age 5 she looked after her younger sister as they sheltered for weeks under a flight of stairs in a shanty town as they were left alone while their mother tried to find food. 


At age 9 she miraculously saved the life of another infant sister who had been given only days to live through sheer grit and refusing to be beaten.


Jillian basically is a survivor who lived through a catastrophic early life and has learned how to not only get the best out of herself but to work with those around her to achieve common or shared goals. In later life, she harnessed this ability at work in the harsh corporate world of investment banking where during a 20-year career her claim to fame was being the person who got things done and delivered no matter what the obstacle was.


Jillian has now turned her attention to try and help the world around her by sharing her approach and skills with others. So if you are an organisation that needs a motivational pick me up or help with coping with uncertainty and change - coming back to the on-site working or the inflationary dark clouds on the horizon, book Jillian and allow her to work with your team and they will come back valuing what your organisation has done for them, rejuvenated to do what they need to do and ready to take necessary action.

Keynote and Masterclass Topics

An Irrepressible Mind

How to Aircraft Test Your Life

A Voice Out of Poverty

How to Find Your Voice

Lessons, they won’t teach you at Business School

Here's what they say about her.

"One week of your life would be more stressful than anybody could withstand - how did you find the resilience to cope and to succeed? – Bill Clifford, President & CEO of The World’s Affairs Councils of America


“It is no Cinderella story, but rather emphasizes hard work and sheer courage”


“Jillian’s talk was engaging, captivating and the feedback form attendees was overwhelmingly positive – Tara Clarke, Bank of England


Often we see speakers described in publicity material as ‘inspirational’ speakers  and this often turns out to be a mere cliché. But there is a speaker whom I  recently heard who is truly inspirational and she is Jillian Haslam. Without  exaggeration, she is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met.”  

—Clive Amos, Past District Governor (Rotary International District 1130)


“How do you get from the slums of Calcutta to jobs in companies such as Bank  of America? The goal of her speech was to depict her reality, not to make people  cry but to show that despite everything, she came out such a truly inspiring and  unique woman.” 

—Alice R. Blanc, Kings College London


"Jillian did an amazing job in linking her personal story and experience to the business context that those people encounter on a daily basis. The power of Jillian’s approach is that it can talk to any culture, background and experience.

As expected, even though the audience were taken a bit by surprise, we received very positive feed-back from the group as we are confident the memorization rate of Jillian’ speech will be much higher than any other."
Silvère Aubriot Commercial Execution Director, Novo Nordisk


Motivational and Keynote Speakers, motivational speaker

C - £2.5k to £5k

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