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Connecting people with nature, for life

Through his work as a broadcaster, speaker and author, Jez Rose has become the go-to expert for behaviour change inspired by the natural world.

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Winning mindset

As a broadcaster and presenter, Jez is fuelled by his own passion and experience with the natural world, enabling individuals to positively change their everyday behaviour by drawing on lessons from nature.


With corporate clients, Jez draws on his accomplished career as a global keynote speaker, workshop leader and conference host, to bring the hugely relevant subject of authenticity and nature to a business-focused audience.


Jez’s work encourages the corporate world to re-consider the juxtaposition of business and the natural world – particularly in relation to authenticity and it’s importance.


He helps individuals and teams see that nature and industry are not in opposition and how to thrive in a post-pandemic world by drawing on lessons from nature.

The Business Secrets of Bees: from communication to culture; what the most successful businesses have learnt from honeybees

Culture Claptrap: revealing and remarkable results from The Good Life Project to supercharge your culture and nurture workplace wellbeing

Flip the Switch: making simple changes to how we think to achieve extraordinary results at work and at home


Management Isn’t Leadership: applying brain science to businesses, for focused and effective leadership teams who think “lead”, not “cope”, starting with the language used to influence behaviour.

Leadership Speakers, Conference Hosts, Keynote and Motivational Speakers

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