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Acclaimed author and real-life Productivity Ninja, Hayley Watts’ mission is to help people who have too much work and not enough time.

  • Fixing Meetings

  • Delegation

  • The 4 Tendencies

  • The Way of the Productivity Ninja

  • Hybrid Working

  • Leading Hybrid Teams

  • Email Survival

"Set times when you are in your inbox, focus on emails and then take a break."

Hayley Watts has been a Productivity Ninja at Think Productive, the UK’s leading productivity training company since 2014.

Hayley has trained and coached executives in all sectors, from small charities, huge charities and multinational businesses. Hayley is passionate about working with people to quickly adopt new solutions and change working practices for good.

Hayley discovered the world of productivity whilst working as a stressed-out CEO, where learning to implement the tools and techniques to make space for what matters transformed her work and wellbeing. She has since empowered thousands of knowledge workers to do the same. Hayley is the Co-Author of 'How to Fix Meetings' (shortlisted for the Business Book of the Year Awards 2022) and she is especially interested in habits and how different people can create habits and motivate others to do so too. 

To book Hayley Watts - Acclaimed author, executive coach and real-life Productivity Ninja for speaking engagements and workshops, please contact Bob Strange - The Closer at The Closer Speakers' Consultancy Ltd.

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