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Creative Innovation Leader

As a former Global Executive Director, George Nagle has had responsibility for a portfolio of over $352 million. He understands the need for creative innovation in a business to drive the P&L. At one point, he successfully launched 19 products in 14 months that indeed required different thinking to find value in a highly conservative market. He is a creative innovation leader that delivers tangible performance for work and home.

Creative Ideation

Innovation Execution

Strategy Development

Ensemble Alignment

Voice of Customer

Culture Change

Focused Communication

Project Prioritization

George delivers a series of keynotes, masterclasses on creative ideation, and workshops on sustainable innovation, using unique tools to help everyone grasp fun, exciting and tangible outcomes. He takes everyone’s success seriously and embraces the needs of those he is helping. George ensures that he has a firm understanding of his clients regardless of their market. At one point, he obtained a real estate license to understand the needs of partners in that sector!

The presentations immediately engage the audience to get them moving out of their comfort zone playfully and safely. Active demonstration of how to conquer the fear of change is paramount as you start the journey to delivering creative innovation that has value in months, not years. We explore the underpinning thought processes people undergo at work and why they keep producing stagnant products. In the journey, we unlock everyone’s innate creativity to inspire projects people want to work on together. Some of the more frequently requested topics are 1) Unleash Creativity To Increase Productivity, 2) Achieve True Innovation In Eight Months, 3) Communicated Strategy To Drive Engagement, 4) Happiness Is Possible At Work, 5) The Five Letter F Word™. 6) Creativity is More Profitable and 7) Innovators Don’t Have Competitors

The best way to learn tools is to use them. George sits down with your teams and demonstrates the tools using your concerns in real-time. This sets the stage for bringing communication, prioritization, and strategy into focus with fun, simple, and memorable tools for work and home. The tools bring out the need for diversity and inclusion, clearly defined areas of focus, customer values, natural team formation, system utilization, busy work elimination, engaged cultures, value-adding voice of customer, employee retention, next generation of leaders, revolutionizing ideas, and an intense urgency to deliver market-changing innovation. All of this results in outperforming the market, so you no longer have true competitors.

George has a black and multiple green belts in different academically accredited innovation processes such as Innovation and Growth Systems, Green Belt for Growth, and Value Innovations. He is a certified online instructor in the FORTH method as well. George also holds a Master of Science in Biology and an MBA in Marketing and Management from Duquesne University. He graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In addition to founding The Ideation Emporium of Creativity™, he is the author of the Breakthrough Thinking™ series for business and life. The series includes “The Five Letter F Word™,” “Miserable At Work? Why? You Don’t Have To Be™,” and “How Are Kids Innovating Faster Than You?™.” George also wrote a fictional spy series, “The Life We Lead: Ascending, Trials, and Sacrifice.” The last two of this series are in the works!

George feels lucky to be a single foster and adoptive parent to multiple amazing boys. He actively mentors youth in the foster system. He is also a master instructor in taekwondo and a volunteer coach with local youth sports. 

Creativity and Innovation Speakers, Motivational and Keynote Speakers

“The session was a very fun way to be reminded of the simple things that make you successful. George gave me creative useful ways to be reminded of those concepts in my everyday work and personal life .”

-Stacy Colombo, Delivery Leader, Dewpoint Tech


Achieve True Innovation in 8 months 

George will walk your audience through how to accomplish genuine innovation, not just another me too product in 8 months. He starts off with getting everyone on their feet to get out of their comfort zone. He then causes the first shift to bring in focus and why focus is essential to moving with intentional speed. George then demonstrates the power of ensembles vs teams and why your customers need to be part of the ensemble. He finishes by allowing for the group to see how they can make time their weapon to beat the market.


Topic points: 

1. Provides you with a tool to deliberately move faster

2. Delivers to you ways to have people want to work on important projects

3. Demonstrates for you how to shift time to working for you instead of against you

Unleash Creativity To Increase Productivity

If you want your audience to be more productive, then you need to get George to show them how to release their creativity. This might sound counter intuitive, but the more open people can be, the more productive they can be. He then gets the crowd understanding how being open about our own humanity builds the trust needed to allow that creativity to come through. Finally he shifts to bring that creativity out by realizing how to avoid stress by reducing wasted busy work to be more productive.


Topic points:

1. Engages your team to allow more open creativity

2. Shows you how you are UNINTENTIONALLY eroding trust

3. Inspires your team to reduce stress and naturally be more productive

Communicate Strategy to Engage Your Culture 

If you are feeling like your organization isn’t aligned or doing it’s best, then let George show you how to effectively communicate what is important. This creative session certainly gives guidance; and some of that guidance is to get you thinking and acting differently immediately.  Just when you think you have the message being heard is when you need to say it more while customizing it to individuals. George layouts out how to do that simply and effectively.


Topic points:

1. Discusses what people miss about staying focused on the important strategies.

2. Actively delivers the importance of not diluting the message.

3. Demonstrates how to make the strategy specific to individuals to help them see how they contribute.

Happiness at Work is Possible 

Love what you do, and you never work a day in your life. Why does this feel like a myth for so many people. George will engage your audience to dig deep and recognize how much of that lack of happiness at work is our relationships. He then shifts to explain the method to finding value in what you are doing. George wraps it up with some tools that elicit a desire for people to want to work on projects because they have had input, even when their idea isn’t selected.


Topic points: 

1. Delivers the understanding of the 5 to 1 interaction ratio and how to use it

2. Provides the needed method to find value in tasks

3. Shows you how to make sure everyone is actively heard and excite them to want to contribute

The Five Letter F Word

What is the five letter f word? Focus. It is the single word that sets people and companies up for success. George walks the audience through how to simply and effectively reach new levels of focus at work and home. He pivots to pull out that part of our natural lack of focus comes from conflicts that aren’t important because of our need to always be right. The shift on the need to be right allows for focused customer engagement that also finds the best solutions for greater revenue and profits.


Topic Points: 

1. Demonstrates how to set people up for success.

2. Provides insight on how the need to be right is hurting your success.

3. Engages everyone to see and treat everyone as a customer.

Creativity is More Profitable

Less than 20% of people feel they are allowed to be creative at work, while more than 60% of CEOs say it is the #1 trait being sought in the next generation of leaders. Those CEOs know being creative and innovative is more profitable. George breaks down the 6 natural barriers to creativity and how to move past them. Next he splits the markets to know if you are an innovator without competitors or an iterativator with competitors doing the one step method to some differentiation. George then lays out how to inspire your team to self-motivation to take actions to increase profits through productivity and reduced stress.


Topic points:

1. Breaks down the barriers to creativity and getting beyond them.

2. Demonstrates the importance of offering truly new vs improved for higher returns.

3. Shows you how to increase productivity, reduce stress, increase morale all through creativity brings more profitability.


Innovators Don’t Have Competitors

Does your company claim to be innovative? Are you genuinely innovating? Think about this- if you are worried about competitors are you really an innovative company? George disrupts the business model that talks about competitors to free the thought process for market creation and domination. He shows your audience how to layout the needs to be creative and customer engaging. When George is done, you find out that the focus on competitors is distracting you from a focus on customers and greater revenue.


Topic points:

1. Shows you how to move away from competitor thinking that is stopping you from market creation

2. Delivers to your audience the essential needs for creative innovation

3. Engages your team to start focusing on customers and not talk about comparisons to anyone else so you are the only option.

A - £10k to £25k

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