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Motivational speaker meets High Performance Wellbeing Trainer.

Helping audiences bridge the gap between knowing and doing.


George’s sessions inspire audiences to want to take action, and equips them with the practical tools and strategies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on their lives. Drawing on personal experiences and 20 years of client work in the wellbeing space, George shares engaging stories that captivate the audience and connects them to the content, helping them feel more confident and competent to take action.

He draws each individual audience member into his presentations so that they become the hero of their own story. By stripping away the overwhelm and complexity of wellbeing and performance and replacing it with a philosophy of ‘progress, not perfection’, he creates a vision of ownership and possibility.

 After gaining a masters degree in engineering George pivoted and pursued his passion for a purpose-lead career in wellbeing. He launched his personal training business in 2002 and quickly established a reputation as an expert in helping clients improve their health and fitness, and reaching their goals. After growing a successful and thriving PT business George spent several years lecturing and tutoring on personal training diploma courses. This early experience of passing on knowledge to the next generation of trainers set his course for becoming a professional speaker.

With a life-long love of running, George partnered with the Reading Half Marathon and became their training partner, a position he held for 13 years. He also launched an online running clothing business in Ireland which failed after 18 months. Through all of this he was able to build a community of thousands of runners, and travelled across the UK and Ireland delivering workshops that helped people improve their athletic performance and mindset.

Noticing a gap in the market for complete beginners, he wrote the Amazon best-selling book ‘Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners’ which has gone on to help many people change their lives through running. His second book ‘Work In Progress’ is a beginner’s guide to journaling, a tool which George credits as a major factor in his own resilience, motivation and success.

With an ongoing education in neurolinguistic programming, neuroscience coaching and positive psychology

, his presentations also draw upon his experiences and lessons from ultra-endurance challenges. These include running 10 back to back marathons, two 24 hour 100 mile ultra marathons, an ironman triathlon and the curiously named ‘Frog Graham Round’, a 43 mile ultra swim run in the Lake District that he failed to complete at the first attempt. Challenges for 2022 include a 12 hour treadmill ultra marathon.

Married with 3 young children, George understands the need to meet people where they are and delivers his talks with humility, encouragement and a belief that anybody is capable of bringing positive change into their lives.

He is also the author of the Work In Progress (WIP) ‘beginner’s guide’ to journaling, host of the A Bit Of A Boost podcast and creator of the Boost Wellbeing & Performance app, available on iOS and Android.

George’s believes that there are a wide range of elements that contribute to our wellbeing and performance, each interrelated and overlapping.

Whilst his workshops and keynotes focus on specific areas, the insights gained from 20 years of experience enable connections to be made to the broader picture.


How to manage your energy

Learn the simple daily habits that can help you better manage your energy, resulting in increased productivity, focus and motivation and reduced overwhelm, procrastination and other self-sabotaging behaviours


Boosting your bouncebackability

Learn the core features of your bouncebackability, how to use failure as fuel and a number of practical daily habits you can adopt to help boost your resilience

Mind your language

Why what you say to yourself matters, and how to turn your self-talk into your super power

How to switch off at the end of the day

Learn the fundamental issues that are preventing you from switching off, and a number of practical tools that can help you access periods of calm inner quiet, essential for balanced wellbeing and mental health

Setting Great GOALS

Learn how to use the Great GOALS framework to set goals that are not only meaningful and magnetically attractive, but also structured in a way that helps you overcome self-sabotage, procrastination and overwhelm along the way


The new science of habits

'I know what to do, but I just don't do it!' - how to bridge the gap between knowing and doing and do more of the things you already know, and how to break the habits that are no longer serving you

George’s engaging style of delivery, peppered with personal insights and subject matter expertise is a winning formula … leaving his audience’s inspired to take positive steps for themselves and their direct reports. Would highly recommend George for his delivery of masterclass leadership sessions.

- Gila Stockell, Leadership & Development Consultant, Atkins

B - £5k to £10k

Motivational and Keynote Speakers

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