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International Keynote Speaker. Thought Leader. Entertainer. Influencer. Master Trainer. Communications & Engagement Expert.

Dave is best defined as a Communications and Engagement Expert because his coaching sessions create results in record times.His speaking style quickly engages audiences and individuals to change and think differently. His presentations are thought provoking, entertaining, insightful and straight to the point. Participants on his events are always left with a strong urge to take action.

  • How to reframe any tragedy and win.

  • Getting over ‘imposter syndrome’

  • Real life celebrity stories.

  • Incredible strategies and business tips.

  • Personal brand building insights.

  • Wellness and happiness tools.

  • Powerful mindset results & tricks.

  • Key monetizable facts and statistics.

  • Motivation and tribe building routines

British born and entertaining audiences since 3, winning national talent competitions at 11 and reality TV shows and speaking awards since then. 30 years of engaging millions of attendees of premier sports, music and business events worldwide (2 billion including TV coverage). Dave loves coaching, motivating and mentoring successful speakers. A certified NLP lifecoach and hypnotherapist. He lives with his wife, daughter and two dogs in Dubai, UAE.

He is a master in the art of entertainment. He can immediately create engagement and infuse focus, energy and a learning environment with audiences of all nationalities and languages. Even when working with 13 simultaneous translators.

Dave has been professionally engaging audiences of all ages since he was 3 and has hosted events to over 15 million individuals from over 117 countries on 5 different continents. His TV footprint is closer to 2 billion viewers. Simply, Google his name and you’ll find among the many 1,000s of results, he is listed as winning ‘Blind Date’, one of the UKTV’s first reality TV shows, working with stars like James Brown, Bruce Willis and Sting and hosting global events like emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens for over20 years.

His intervention success is based in his belief that behaviour is an outcome not an input. He understands that to bring an individuals into action you need to change their belief system. And that requires a very different approach. Dave’s methodology can quickly nudge old habits into new behaviours providing the spark needed to reset the mind-set of your organization.

Dave is an expert on creating a culture of innovation & making changes happen. A rock-star speaker and trainer!

Dave’s super power is to “rock the house” on every live event, online and offline, this brings people alive and focused on his message. His high-energy style will make your audience laugh, think, clap and get participants talking about his session well after your event is over. 

After 30+ years at the sharp end of global events as host and entertainment director for 20 years at Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens and many other premium events like FIFA’s Intercontinental Beach Soccer, World Beauty Championship, Rugby World Cup Sevens, Global CIO Summit, World Club 10’s (and many more). 

Dave’s 30+ years as a (Ex-BBC) radio and TV presenter and station manager positions him as the idea master of ceremonies and host for your virtual events. In addition to keynote speaking, Dave advises sponsors, makes crucial calls on schedule, content and marketing. He makes real-time big picture and emotionally intelligent decisions that guarantee your best possible outcomes drives results EVERY TIME. Dave’s social media savvy also means that your event can be as celebrated and influential as you want it to be. His experience brings you the best possible safety next for your hard work making sure sponsors are satisfied, contributors are rewarded and you get exactly the desired solution as designed.”


A - £10k to £25k


Keynote and Motivational Speakers

Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens was an absolutely fantastic event! I've had nothing but positive feedback. The atmosphere was just brilliant! Thank you Dave!

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