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Thinker, speaker, writer, neuroscience executive coach and guide to success. Leader in military, business and Government.  Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership. 9 of past 10 years in HR Most influential Thinker Annual Awards

Do you want to beat your organisation’s challenges?

Chris’ step-by-step system will do just that – 3 actions for everyone to deliver immediate impact after a successful event

Action to achieve next year’s critical objectives & strategy

Action to focus impact on specific area – eg improving leadership, financial performance, customer focus, communications and even risk management

Action to build a new world – transformation & change : restructure, merger, acquisition, new business or going up a gear post Covid

When organisations want a speaker its normally to deliver one of 3 actions – align & motivate everyone to deliver this years objectives, focus effort onto an area needing specific attention, eg customer service, or build new world.

Life throws up challenges that often hinder our plans, stress us and even impact home life, and across the organisation, degrading performance, profitability. There are also often hidden underlying challenges slowly eating away at success; lower employee engagement, silo working and thinking, slow change, lack of agility, stifled innovation.

Beating these challenges is key to future success, ignoring them a recipe for future disaster. We can all recall from experience a challenge that was ignored by an organisation that transformed into a major problem.

Every leader he works with creates their own 3-step action plan to implement immediately to start the transformation to greater success. For C suite these combine into a powerful organisation wide tool to beat challenges and deliver key objectives.

Chris’ unique insights can make your event and transformation successful.

As a leader in military, business and Government, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, 9 times HR Most Influential Thinker and neuroscience accredited executive coach, Chris’ interactive keynotes are tailored to your specific needs interweaving those with his insights, hard data, success stories and neuroscience to deliver a clear call to action and return on investment for individuals, teams and via C suite the wider organisation.

This then creates “one organisation” focused on common purpose and action to get done what needs to be done.

Why Book Chris

INSPIRATIONAL - Inspiring people to be the best

Leaders are often frustrated by problems that hinder smooth delivery and real success. Chris shows how they have the potential within themselves by using his explosive leadership system to unleash their full success.


INNOVATIVE - Best of leading edge thinking

Chris unique systematic explosive leadership approach combines 30 years of business, military and Government leadership with case studies, psychology, neuroscience, branding and other areas into a catalyst to enable success.


BESPOKE - Tailored precisely to your needs

Chris will offer a pre booking call to discuss your objectives, challenges, visions, values and key messages so his keynote truly resonates and integrates seamlessly with your whole event, providing relevant testimonials and video clips. He will always respond to you in under 24 hours.


PROVEN - It works

Over 30 years Chris approach to enabling leadership and organisational success has worked in organisations small and large, across sectors and cultures and in now featured in a Harvard case study. 


EFFORTLESS - Going the extra mile

Having run events and engaged top speakers in corporate roles Chris knows the challenges you face. He is dedicated to your success; he’ll support you with planning, he’ll always arrive 24 hours before speaking and he won’t leave until he’s spent as much time with your audience as you want.

ACTION FOCUSED - Immediate action & impact

The only measure of success for Chris is that the audience leaves inspired with an action to take immediately to start their journey to success….. and do it.

“Chris delivered a great keynote to leading CEOs and Finance Directors that engaged and challenged their thinking. He presented a powerful business case backed up with proven data and followed up with practical ideas for action that deliver return on investment, critical for credibility with this audience. The feedback was excellent and we hope to work with Chris again in the future.”

MARK CRADDOCK, PARTNER, ETON BRIDGE  - “How to get up to 10% on your bottom line for free!”.

Chris ability to add value to leaders and organisations is confirmed by Newsweek inviting him to regularly contribute articles and insights via their forum of select global experts.  

Creativity and Innovation Speakers, Motivational and Keynote Speakers, leadership speaker, motivational speaker

b - £5k to £10k

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