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  • The art and science of FInancial wellness!

  • A tale of two extremes - financial desperation to financial wellness

  • Scaling hands-free property with double digit returns

  • Wealth - How to get it and how to keep it

  • Financial wellness in a cost of living crisis

Caitriona Ellis is a financial wellness expert and keynote speaker.

Caitriona Ellis a highly competent individual with an honours Commerce degree. She is also a fully qualified Financial Advisor. She has recently completed her Level 4 qualification in Residential Estate Agency and is a Fellow of the National Estate Agents Association. Her career in the banking sector allows her great comfort with crunching numbers. She has been in the property market for the last 15 years managing her own buy to-lets with a portfolio of over £1m. She empowers women to master their money stuff for peace of mind now & for their future. She also sources high yield property in the North East adding a low input income to your life with a turnkey property investor solution.

Caitriona's wealth of knowledge positions her as a financial wellness expert through her academic and personal experiences. She is perfectly positioned to work with corporates on addressing the 'S' from the ESG principles which is currently a hot topic from COP26. The 'Social' element to her financial wellness programs is proven to increase staff retention thereby directly affecting a corporates bottom line. Her CPD accredited programs provide corporates with the assurity that her material has been quality assured by an

internationally recognised body.

With her experience of remotely acquiring 6 hands free buy-to-lets in a 12 month period in the North East of England, Caitriona has a wide breadth of knowledge of how to effectively adopt this strategy. She shares openly her experience in who this strategy best

suits, how to ensure your due diligence is thorough and what kind of returns you can expect.



I have loved working with Caitriona supporting her in developing her speaking business and found her topic andexpertise fascinating. So much so, that James Taylor and I invited Caitriona to guest on our LinkedIn Live show. Theshow received a lot of engagement from the audience and Caitriona was warm and generous with her knowledge andadvice. She makes a topic that could be very boring, totally relatable and fun. Yes I said fun. I was so enthused afterour interview I took action as soon as we were off air. Thank you Caitriona Maria Franzoni - Speaker Business Academy

Catriona Ellis and her really important and topical messages and practical approach to achieving Financial Wellness make her stand out from the crowd from the many competing in the same space. She has the ability to make a potentially complex and perhaps daunting topic for many, accessible, achievable, and bizarrely easy to achieve! She is refreshingly honest, experienced, knowledgeable, and delightfully human and empathetic and leavesone with the feeling : “Even I can do this! I don’t have to have studied economics or accounting!” And, given the bonkers instability that seems to be the lot of the world today, she enables you to feel you are in control of your own economy. Mary Tillson-Wharton - Speaker Coaching & Momentum

Caitronia has spoken at The Expert Economy Friday Networking events twice now and has always engaged the audience well with her insightful content and engaging style. She has a unique story and perspective as it's not your typical 'rags to riches' story that usually includes a variety of variables no one can replicate. Instead, Caitronia's story is like being like most peoples - visibly well off but actually in a position of huge risk. Her story is one of self-honesty and bravery and taking full control and responsibility for her life. She sheds light on many incredibly important factors that the average person needs to know and her own results are a testament not only to what she knows, but her absolute dedication to herself and her family to implement them and change her fate. Naomi Johnson - The Expert Economy

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting with Caitriona to the This Girl community.Caitriona has a natural ability to engage people. .She has a way of engaging people, encouraging them to think about their finances in a much clearer way, the benefit of planning, secondary incomes.Finance is often talked about behind closed doors, Caitriona helps to open those doors and makes the subject novice friendly. Anita Pickersgill - Thornbury Collections


Keynote and Motivational Speakers

C - £2.5k to £5k

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