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Delivering Delight ★ Lead With Values ★ Positive Leadership & Culture Transformation

Inspirer, writer, humourist and TEDx/IDEASx speaker, Avi Liran (CSP) believes that everyone is a Chief Delighting Officer. An incurable optimist, he’s always been fascinated by the power of positivity, as well as the ability of words and tones to transform people’s lives and experiences. That’s why he’s devoted his life to what he thinks he does best: teach and inspire, helping leaders and organisations to delight people.

He has travelled across the Asia-Pacific and Europe, sharing his thought-provoking, inspiring, interactive and always delightful insights with audiences of all backgrounds, from Fortune 500 leaders to students, community leaders to service frontliners. Above all, his passion lies in helping others find and tweak their inner delight and lead with their values so they can convert employees and customers into raving fans and reach a higher purpose.

A firm believer in edutainment, Avi is the creator and designer of Delivering Delight and Leading with Values. His most recent articles have been featured in Business Times and European Business Review.



A funny, interactive and entertaining keynote taking a humoristic view on cross cultural differences and how to over come them using universal tools of delivering delight.

Avi shares his experiences from living in Asia since 1992 and spices his talk with comical real life and embarrassing situations to help the audience avoid some basic cross-cultural misunderstandings.


What your audience will learn


How moving up the levels of delight helps to avoid basic cross-cultural mistakes.


How to use “LisKinSity”TM(Listening, Kindness, and Generosity) mindset to avoid intercultural awkward moments.


How to replace judgment with curiosity.


PRC = Patience, Relations and Communication.


The importance of humility.


How acceptance of differences can be a bliss.


How to use appropriate and safe self humour to bounce back from embarrassment.



CIO & Digital Transformation Director (Exec Board Member)

'Three days of disruption, role playing games, deep personal and professional self-audits, on a teamplay positive thinking constructive pathway. Smartly mixing scientific references and theories with practical tools and rich words, you receive and build by our own the necessary weapons to kill negativeness, silo approaches and break the rules for making your teams keep growing and create one of the best workplace to work." Marionnaud


Chief Finance Officer

“Phenomenal” sums up in one word Avi’s impact on our team during the 3 days workshop he delivered. The lessons are all effortless and “easier done than said”. It was all fun throughout the workshop. Keep infecting others with our positive energy!"

Rustan Supercenters, The Dairy Farm Group



HR Director Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

"Great, immediate learning by doing and emotional connection. Inspiring and mind set changing. You leave with many practical tools you can use to inject positive energy in your relations with others.

The Coca-Cola Company





Motivational and Keynote Speakers, leadership speaker, motivational speaker

A - £10k to £25k

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