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Self-leadership, The New Leadership Playbook

  • Is your company facing challenges from the business environment, disruption, or competition?

  • Are your leaders creating an environment that fosters, ownership, accountability, and productivity?

  • Are your people struggling with change, stress, burnout, or uncertainty?

  • What messages from your leadership can Andrew reinforce?

  • And what practical takeaways will make the most difference to the audience?

For over 20 years, Andrew Bryant has engaged, and informed audiences, across the globe.

As recognized expert on Self-leadership, Leadership, and Influence he has transformed individuals and teams to be more intentional, influential, and impactful.

Andrew is the author of ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012), the Best-Selling, ‘Self Leadership: 12 Powerful Mindsets & Methods to Win in Life and Business’ (Amazon 2016), and ‘The New Leadership Playbook – Being Human Whilst Successfully Delivering Accelerated Results’ (Ocean Reeve Publishing 2022).

English by birth, Australian by citizenship, Brazilian by wife, working in Asia for 18-years, and now living in Portugal gives Andrew insights and perspective on what it takes to be an effective leader, influence, or entrepreneur in a rapidly changing multi-cultural world.

Andrew Bryant is a Past President of the Asia Professional Speakers Association, and the current President of the Professional Speaking Association of Spain. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) which means that he has been independently audited in terms of professionalism and client satisfaction. 

Andrew has been a TEDx presenter and is external faculty of SMU’s Global Leadership and Women in Leadership Programs, and IE University’s Global MBA Program.

Andrew Bryant has a 20+ year history of developing leaders and executive leadership teams. His clients include, Microsoft, Dell, Red Hat, SAP, Nice Systems, FIS, Virtusa Polaris, Rogers, Deloitte, KPMG, EY, Planful Inc, Abbott, Bayer, BASF, Merck, Pfizer, and Maersk


Keynote and Motivational Speakers

Popular Motivational & Inspirational Keynote Topics for 2023


  • Self-leadership & The New Workplace – How to go from 'fire-fighting' to ownership in a post-pandemic world

  • The New Leadership Playbook - How to balance humanity whilst delivering accelerated results

  • People, Technology & Culture – A Self-leadership Approach to being human in an age of AI.



“Andrew Bryant brings energy and high-level leadership programs to meetings, conferences, and coaching. I watched him kick off conferences, and he completely transforms the energy in the room. Andrew is the expert you call when you need a charismatic speaker to motivate and inspire real change and effective leadership.”  Mary Kelly, PHD, Commander US Navy (ret)

“Observing Andrew teaching leadership in action is a pleasure. His stories feel authentic because his own behavior and personality reflect his teachings.”   Dr. Markus Karner - Academic Director at SMU-ExD Executive Development

"I have used Andrew’s services over a period of 5 years in Microsoft to support some very ambitious change management initiatives. His extraordinary communication and presentation skills, his rich use of language, coupled with a very authentic style has made a very positive impact in our organization. Without hesitation, I would recommend Andrew any time, he clearly stands out as an inspiring leadership and transformational coach."  Mathias von Bescherer, APAC Sales Excellence Lead at Microsoft


“Passionate. Insightful. Practical. Three words come to mind when I think of Andrew's workshops. He has a knack for keeping participants engaged and his interactive style keeps an audience, be that 12 people or 12k people, eager to learn more from him. His high energy levels and customized presentations appeal to audiences across multiple levels. He is at ease working with a culturally diverse audience as is aware of nuances of learning that come from different cultural learning styles. I have seen Andrew in action more than once and each time it has been a great learning experience!”  Dr. Tanvi Gautam, C-Suite Adviser and Leadership Faculty of SMU.

” Our world is evolving at an increasingly fast pace. Organizations are facing higher levels of disruption, uncertainty, and volatility in their environments. Teams and individuals alike are having to develop greater agility, resilience, and collaboration to succeed. This ‘next normal’ requires a revised playbook for leaders to grow, perform and thrive.

Through his work – The New Leadership Playbook – Andrew Bryant delivers an engaging, easy-to-read, and practical book for leaders, teams, and organizations to stay future-fit and play to their potential in today’s world. The models, stories, and lessons which Andrew shares through ‘plays and principles’ are the highlights why you should read and share this book in your journey to be a human leader delivering exceptional results.” Manish Bundhun, Author of ‘Shots of Insights’ and ‘Disruptor’, Chief People Officer, Rogers

b - £5k to £10k

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