Chairman, Institute of Human Development


Bestselling author, Unstoppable – The Pathway to Living an Inspired Life


Creator, The Pathfinder Framework

Adrian Gilpin is Chairman of the Institute of Human Development, and creator of Pathfinder – a subscription only social learning web platform dedicated to the science behind creating a fearless enterprise culture. He is the author of bestselling book Unstoppable – The Pathway to Living an Inspired Life,

  • Keynote speaking at client and industry events

  • Designing and leading mindset change programmes based on ‘Pathfinder’

  • Mentoring CEOs and their boards

  • Developing new media learning technology products for IHD

  • Developing the IHD’s international expansion and strategic partnerships

Adrian’s primary focus is on harnessing the power of social learning to tap into the most ancient andpotent form of communication: storytelling. The stories circulating in an organisation are highly contagious,and they drive its culture, performance, and profit. Great leaders actively inspire a different type ofstorytelling, at the individual level as much as the organisational one. IBM has cascaded Adrian’s approach – using Pathfinder – to 15,000 people (and counting) around the globe in their consulting business, an Initiative with a tangible impact on the collective mindset, leading to unprecedented financial returns achieved by any learning programme.

Many organisations – including PWC, IBM, Zurich, Deutsche Bank, Prudential Property Investment Managers, Barclaycard, and the Commercial Bank of Kuwait – have retained Adrian to coach their Managing Directors and facilitate their senior executives. Entrepreneurs work with Adrian to maximise the value of their enterprises; Adrian coached the board of Bookham Technology through the largest ever public floatation of any UK technology business and mentored the owner of IRG Ltd during the lead up to the sale of his business to Capita for £100 million. Adrian works regularly within the public sector too, including the MOD, and all three British armed forces. He is a mentor to the founders of several social


Keynote and Motivational Speakers

b - £5k to £10k